Clarity Coaching For Soul-Searching Women

We wake up and secretly dread the workday ahead of us, downing coffee after coffee, hoping it will provide us with a little bit of motivation to enjoy the day ahead of us.

We may have decent-paying jobs and our financial needs are taken care of, but we still feel like something is missing.

Are you going through the motions day After day, wishing there were more to life?

Commuting in the awful morning traffic, performing the same tasks, checking all the boxes, trying not to take our discontentment out on our boss and kids, and then maybe squeezing in an hour of fun in the evening before waking up to repeat the day again.

Week after week, we collect our paychecks and build a steady, safe life. We have the money we need but still, we’re discontent, looking at ourselves in the mirror and wondering where the excitement in our life has gone. Our life looks successful from the outside - a place to live and people to love - but when we’re honest with ourselves…. we admit we feel unsatisfied and stuck

No amount of academic degrees, financial success, or material possessions can compete with the feeling of doing what truly lights you up.

As a Clarity Coach, I Encourage You to:

✨ Exercise Your creativity
✨ Discover Your potential
✨ Define Your passions

All so you can get UNSTUCK, and create a life (+career) you love. 


Too often, there is stuff that gets in the way of us moving forward. Self-limiting beliefs like, “I can’t” or “it’s too late in life for me to do that,” prevent us from taking positive steps.

Confusion and lack of support lead us to inaction because we find ourselves thinking, “I don’t even know where to start” and “who can help?” Lastly, there are so many distractions and responsibilities - social media, TV, kids, hubby, current job - that we can’t possibly think about adding more.

All of these things prevent us from discovering our true calling. But I want to help you find that calling! Don’t you want that thing that makes you excited to wake up in the morning?!

What You Can Expect When Becoming UNSTUCK With Me

While I won’t be guessing your calling (I’m not a genie!), I can support you on a self-discovery journey that will uncover your dream career path.

You might find you’re ready for a pivot in careers or perhaps you’re ready to finally start an entrepreneurial journey. Or maybe you have no idea what’s next but you know something needs to change. Regardless, I’m here to help you get where you need to go.

We’re used to our careers being defined by certain labels and fitting them into boxes but truthfully, there are so many more opportunities that we often don’t even know exist.

Through self-discovery and clarity work, we discover options that aren’t readily available through a google search.

Our time together involves informal communication that is approachable, thoughtful, and compassionate.

I don’t want you to hold anything back - the more you can be an open book, the more I can help you unlock your true potential.

Over the course of 3-4 months, you can expect…

✨3 video coaching calls per month
✨Weekly personalized homework (no cookie-cutter templates here!)
✨Messenger support (because your best thoughts don’t usually come on schedule!)

I will ask you lots of questions so I can get to know you better. These sessions are an opportunity to untangle the complicated parts of your life which might be limiting your progress and leaving you in the same place you’ve always been. Nobody likes to feel stuck. So, together, we’ll figure out how to start moving forward!

Weekly homework may change from week to week, but the purpose is to get to the core of your many ideas, beliefs, values, and desires.

Part of moving forward is understanding where you’ve been, where you are now, and everything that has held strong within you. Every step forward, no matter how small it might seem, is major progress!

Throughout our coaching calls...

Throughout our calls...

UNSTUCK gives you the space to unpack all the messy ideas & thoughts, so you can get clear about:

- who you are
- what you truly want
- what you’re here to create
- how you’re meant to do it

TOGETHER WE can find clarity and begin to map out a plan to get you moving forward with confidence. I look forward to chatting with you!

Unstuck Testimonial

"The UNSTUCK program made me think about things I had never considered before and forced me to dig deeper, it allowed me to grow." 

“Carolina is extremely genuine and made me feel heard. I now feel a newfound sense of purpose and direction. When I started the UNSTUCK program, I was comfortable doing what I was doing, but I was topped out where I was at. I wanted more purpose, but I didn’t know where to turn and didn’t know what was the best direction. Carolina has a special way of talking, asking questions, and going through ideas to dig and find out what I truly want."