Silence the Noise &

Live Your Truth

Coaching to nourish your mind, body & soul.

Hi, I'm Carolina,

With over a decade of experience working in the health & wellness, coaching, and metaphysical industries, I now work one-on-one with people (just like you!) to help them overcome challenges and embark on a life of authenticity & freedom.

I believe our biggest responsibility in life is to show up as ourselves, and to live from a place of ultimate truth. By doing so, we allow things to unfold as they're intended to, honoring the divine flow of life.

But, I get it.

It's not always easy to get in touch with your inner most truths & deepest callings! Maybe the entire concept feels foreign or abstract to you, or maybe you've started the work, and are ready to go deeper.

No matter where you're at, there are sacred tools that allow us to connect more deeply with our life's work, and one of those is the opportunity to work one-on-one with another, in a way that allows you to be fully heard & seen.

My intention is to help you...

  • > Identify your inner truths
  • > Nourish & heal your body
  • > Uncover your creative gifts
  • > Connect with divine wisdom
  • > Live your full expression
  • > Make tough decisions
  • > Practice discernment
  • > Live a sovereign life
  • > Live with integrity

Ways to work together

Breakthrough Session

A standalone session intended to bring forth your own inner knowing & insight. I offer my undivided attention, deep listening & powerful questions to help you gain clarity on topics of your choice.

Divine Clarity

Divine Clarity is a six week sacred container intended to help you lean further into your Soul's deepest calling so you can begin living more intention, purpose & satisfaction. Together we get clear about your unique mission, and how you can identify and deepen into your life's work.

Divine Nourishment

Divine Nourishment is a six week sacred container intended to help you explore your relationship to food, establish deeply nourishing routines, and restore your body to its natural state of health & healing.

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" I can’t say enough about how awesome her questions were! She didn’t try to tell me what to do - just asked the questions that would bring me to my own insights. This is golden to me!  "

- Nova Om, Personal Empowerment Coach

"Carolina gives you new perspectives and helps you see things in a new light. She is super insightful and will help you in ways you might never have thought of. She is amazing and practical."

- Roxanna, Music Developer

Themes we explore


Self as Source

This is about the relationship between Self & Source. Coming to trust Self & Source as your primary authority as you make day-to-day decisions. It has a lot to do with quieting external forms of influence and limiting exposure to unhelpful forms of media as you nurture this way of life.



Self sovereignty is the ability to choose the direction of your own life. It's about being the exclusive authority over your body & mind, and is closely related to personal freedom, self-determination, and liberation. We can explore what personal sovereignty means to you and how you can move forward on your own path of personal liberation.



Discernment is about having a reliable inner GPS system. Being able to quickly decide what is correct for you as you move through life. It's the ability to feel intention and recognize truth. To know which people, places, and movements are right for you. Each person will have a different experience of discernment and we can spend time exploring what discernment feels like to you and how to strengthen this important tool.

Monthly Musings

Once-per-month musings on living with intention, purpose & purity.