So you're ready to make $3,000 consistent months.

You’ve had your “fuck it” moment and you’re ready to start making at MINIMUM $3,000 in your coaching business.

Everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked- you’ve been way too far in your logical and practical mind that you have stepped away from your soul.

Your soul is ready to be in purpose.

Your soul is ready to make it happen now.

Not tomorrow, not 2 months from now, not next year, but NOW.

That “fuck it” moment when you are tired of all the reasons that held you back in the past.

That moment when you decide that your why is much greater than all those reasons.

And yeah, you’ve been posting, working on the website and even started creating a program that MIGHT bring you sales when you’re done (if your perfectionist self ever lets you finish).

You now know that the longer you continue on this path, the further the gap to your soul.

Because your soul just wants to serve now. You want to step in to your highest self now.

But you spent so long listening to voices that told you that you needed to learn marketing, sales, copywriting, organic marketing… all of the practical things.

You’ve shut down your soul.

So now what we need to do is open yourself back up to your soul so you can self source the strategy that will allow you to create the results that you want NOW.

With my 1-on-1 program, we’ll start with diving deep into your commitment. By the end of the 1st phase, you’ll have powerful insight and total clarity into how your soul has come to serve, which will allow you to attract the people you are meant to serve and create $3,000 worth of high level sales.

This normally happens within 6 weeks of our work together. And your “fuck it” mode can produce even faster results.

By the second phase, you’ll have a clear strategy as to how to make your soul-aligned biz happen and massive support to ensure that you are doing the deep, transformative work, which will allow you to create consistent $3,000 months.

Step into your new paradigm.

Let's create your unique process to make consistent $3,000 USD months.

Let's Get Started


We create the clarity.

You take the action.

Together, we make it happen.

Transformational Coaching

Weekly, 60-minute transformational coaching & Strategizing.

Big strides to your success.

Between sessions, you'll take concrete action steps to ensure incoming sales.

Between Sessions Support

I'll be available for any questions and additional support online.

Phase 1: Commitment

This is your dream. Your soul is calling you. You are ready to make your soul biz and dream life happen and not look back.

Phase 2: Alignment

You will be taking clear action steps to making your soul's dream a reality and to position yourself as the leader that you are.

What My Clients Say

"Carolina is like a blank canvas of pure presence when she's coaching me. I feel she's so deeply invested in my process and it's an incredible alchemy of collaboration when we're working together. Her insights are gently provocative and her style of coaching is akin to helping me integrate and calibrate to myself. Being with her is like going on a magic carpet ride: Elaborate, ethereal, and a bit otherworldly! When we're finished coaching together, I always feel like: Wow! What just happened? I'm a totally different me!"      

-Kelly Herzberg, Stylist  

-Kelly Herzberg, Stylist

Meeting Carolina was a blessing! I worked with her during my career change. Carolina is gentle and intuitive while efficiently moving towards the goals. She truly is an empowerment cheerleader! Thanks to her I am able to face challenges of my new career with confidence and courage. Carolina is sharp and thoughtful and sessions with her left me inspired to explore new ways of being and abandon my limiting beliefs.  

Working with her not only helped me during the professional transition, but also brought an insight into myself and deeper self-knowledge.    

-Agnieszka L., Clarity Coach

I was in transition between jobs and with Carolina, I received 

new tools, insights and practical action steps. What I liked most was the insight I received regarding still needing to move resistance from my previous job. Carolina asks good questions and helps give you a new perspective and see things you have not seen and see it in a new light. 

She is super insightful and will help you in ways you might never have thought of. Amazing, practical, and good.

-R. Brown, Music Developer