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You’ve been focused on your career, on building a business, and all of that work has you feeling that you’re ready for MORE. You’re making the money, you’re finding time for your self-care, but something is still missing...  

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I'm ready!

You’re ready to find your true center and your flow.

To know that every step you take and every action you make is purposeful - to feel true fulfillment in knowing that you are following your soul's guidance. 

You're invited to:

You’ve worked on your project, but it hasn’t gone far.

You’ve put loads of effort and time on it and on helping it launch in ways that haven’t proved fruitful, which sometimes has you wondering whether your project could make enough money for you to go full time with it or even call it a business. 

So now you’re procrastinating because you just want to live your life. Your full time job or business already takes up the majority of your time, so most days, you spend the rest of your time on you and your relationships. 

You’re ready to start a whole new chapter.

You love the idea that you can make a living with the side project you started or on any of the ideas you have! Your infinite ideas about your creations feel soul exciting that there is still a part of you that fantasizes making a career out of them.

And you definitely can.

I spent years trying to make a living off my purpose

but the #1 thing I was committed to was money.

As long as I didn’t see enough money come through, I wasn’t fully committed to my purpose. So I worked on my creations here and there and on the side because I adored the ideas that came through to serve people.

I had a bazillion ideas all of the time but as long as I wasn’t fully committed to my creations, most of them remained half done.

When people reached out to work with me, I didn’t offer the best of what I had to offer - I offered what I figured they wouldn’t say no to, so I wasn’t showing up as my full self. I played small for others because I was playing small with myself and in my life. 

It was a constant back and forth and up and down of trying all.the.things, including hiring all kinds of people (coaches, marketers, copywriters, buying the courses). There were even times of not working on my purpose (which were the times in which I felt the most lost).

I wasn’t able to see that what I truly needed was my commitment to me.

At one point, I decided to wait for that right moment, that right person to help me be successful in what I wanted to create. Mind you, I still was not fully clear on what I was doing and only because I had not allowed myself to OWN what I bring to the table.

One day, I paid for high level support that allowed me to finally SEE the missing puzzle piece.

I found out that the shift I needed to make was A DECISION. And then constant decisions to support that decision.

Several breakdowns and ego deaths later, I quantum leaped into allowing my purpose to be my #1 commitment.

I was finally ready to do whatever it took to be fully in my purpose all of the time. 

This shift allowed me to finally let go of the worrying and everything that blocked me from fully enjoying my creativity.

Without the worry, I finally had the clarity to follow through on big ideas, one money-generating and purposeful idea at a time. My energy shifted, so I, once again, woke up excited for the opportunity I had to actualize my dreams.

Making these big ideas happen were what I needed to feel supported, but that support needed to come from me, first.

With the transformation, I was able to find a flow where I felt motivated and inspired to create. And naturally knew when to spend time on everything else. Now, I serve people really knowing and owning all of what I bring. Finally bringing my full self. 

This is what I bring to you in this container - for you to experience the transformation you need to step into your next level. It’s something that can only be experienced and this text or a book won’t do that. You must experience the transformation that’s waiting for you to reach your next level.

It’s time to feel excited and inspired again about who you are and your unique path.

Join us on a 2 day and 3 night retreat where we will be getting clear on your purpose and diving into what makes you unique.

You’ll learn what it takes to live your purpose and how you can instantly be on the path where you are aligned with your dreams. We will bring forth your calling in ways that will allow all of you to be fully on board with what you truly want, so that you can finally make your dreams happen with ease. By the end of this retreat, you will know exactly what you are meant to be doing and how to actualize it right now-in the present. 


We’ll do all of this in a relaxing and luxurious retreat cottage with high vibe, plant based meals.

We’ll have plenty of supportive activities throughout the weekend to rejuvenate you and allow you to relax into your being.

Take a dip in the jacuzzi and take a walk in the trail that begins at the cottage as you participate in this transformative experience to bring forth and give form to your true soul desires.


Waking up every day, totally in touch with what you came to create in this life. Every moment of every day, you are choosing YOU and your creativity. You've found your flow and a way of creating that allows you to move with divine inspiration.

You are finally making your dreams happen. That book you wanted to write, the album you wanted to create, the traveling you wanted to do. You get to wake up every day to create, to work with people, whatever those dreams are, you are finally LIVING them.

Spend the weekend with other geniuses

Arrive the evening of October 2nd and stay through the night of October 4th.

Nourish with plant-based and allergy-friendly meals.

Aside from our deep dive into your creations, we will have supportive activities, including a trail walk, breathing exercises, movement exploration and more.

Spend an evening or Monday morning visiting the nearby lake and Springs.

Access to a Jacuzzi.

One hour from Seattle, Washington.

Whether you know

what your dreams are and are ready to put them into motion or you're just not sure exactly WHAT is your purpose is despite your gazillion ideas- you're going to leave totally clear and ready to put your calling into aligned action.

Covid precautions: the event is limited to 5 attendees. The home is sanitized and we will practice strong hygiene with regular hand-washing among other necessary precautions. There is ample room in the home so that we can remain at a 6 foot distance among one another.