Hey, I'm Carolina.

I'm passionate about helping you design a business and life that fulfills you.

You've been able to create a successful business and you're now craving MORE.

And what you're craving is FULFILLMENT.

You're ready for:

-Having a business that lights you up

-Waking up excited every day to serve and to make an impact

-Feeling fulfilled by every aspect of your life.

I can support you in making it happen.

Because, like you, I'm highly creative.

My last dance performance before college. 2005.

Growing up, I was a dancer.

But I went to college to fulfill what my parents and society wanted for me and, although I enjoyed the critical analysis that college required of me, college was too much work with the mind! After over a decade of schooling, I felt depleted.

I had severe acne and felt very uncomfortable in my body.

I felt angry

I felt lost

The thing that was supposed to be the answer to everything just had me deeper in a pit of disarray.

I had spent a lot of my time in and out of college diving into what a healthy life actually looked like but I never got the chance to embody it. I had experienced the rat race of college and I had no desire to continue it in the job force.

I decided to pave my own journey of adventure and creativity. What I didn't know was the amount of healing that it would involve.

I found my path in the healing.

I became :

an astrologist, yoga teacher,

massage therapist, reiki master, moon mother

retreat facilitator and now,

soul biz coach.

Ultimately, certifications don't define who we are nor is this a complete list of trainings and certifications.

Trainings should add or accelerate to the work we do in every day life- they are not enough if we don't do the work that life presents to us.

This is my attempt to reflect the path that has led me to be who I am today.

I've worked with hundreds of people- bringing healing and awareness to their lives and my own.

Guiding a meditation in one of the Mexico retreats. 2016.

I went through the journey, through the healing, assisted in others' healing journeys until I realized that it was time to help others not in learning all of the tools,

but in creating a life that feels authentic to them.

I offer sessions to ground you in the knowing of who you are and your true direction in this life. 

I help YOU write your own guidelines for your life because life wants you to be who you truly are and to create your dreams from that knowing.

Because you're done with :

- having a trillion ideas and being unsure which ones you're meant to take action on

-making the money, but feeling like something is missing


While working together, we create full clarity on your purpose, so that you are completely clear on what you are meant to focus on with complete satisfaction that you are honoring all of who you are.

And then we'll take a look at all of your resources, skills, and talents to fully understand your unique journey, message, and mission to be able to easily and effectively share it with others.

Finally, we'll create a strategy to help you transition into your soul-aligned business and have you taking the steps to creating a life and business that feels fully aligned to who you are.

Because you deserve to be flowing in your creativity, sharing your truth, and creating big ripples in the world.

Ready to step into your heart-led business?

Let's talk about how we can make it happen for you:

I'm ready for more!