Life Design Coach

Hey, I'm Carolina.

I'm passionate about helping you design a life that YOU feel passionate about. 

10 years ago, I embarked on my own free spirited journey to find myself. On the way, I became an astrologist, yoga teacher, massage therapist, reiki master and retreat facilitator. I've worked with tens of hundreds of people- bringing healing and awareness to their lives and my own!

While n this journey, I felt a constant yearning to really talk to people and find out what was going on in their lives. 

Reading astrology charts got close enough, but I no longer wanted to TELL people their fate, I wanted these healing and illuminating conversations to ground people in a strong sense of who they are and their true direction in this life. 

I saw too many people who were confused, scattered, felt stuck, powerless and were suffering a multitude of injuries and illnesses as a result of not taking charge of the lives.

So I became a certified life coach and now help people like you get powerfully connected to their true selves. 

I help YOU write your own rules for your life because life wants you to be who you truly are and to go after your dreams. 


While working together, we dive into your deepest levels and resurface to create a life that reflects every detail of what makes you YOU.  

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